The Biggest Meaning is Found in Each Little Step of a Journey
2021 Jul 03 By Dave & Stacy 2 comment

Our life is most definitely a journey.  A lesson that Stacy and I have learned is to enjoy the little steps of that journey.  The little steps make the destination that much more beautiful and appreciated.  With two little daughters, along with the youth in our family, the micro lessons that surround this one big lesson are what we want to leave them with. 

The pursuit of “success” can easily overtake a person leaving them focused solely on the money, likes and followers.  This pursuit can leave you vacant of the little powerful moments in life.  –Those moments that people will speak about when you are not here. The lessons of patience, value in what you present to the world, and care are what people will recognize after the glam and glitz.  This is the approach that we take with not only our life, but in our business. 

The food truck is the example of this approach.  The art of sanding is the action of stripping down in order to smooth out panel by panel.  This is a metaphor of life.  Sometimes we need to strip down the layers of ourselves in order to recognize the beauty in ourselves.   

Slow down and take the steps, enjoy one another, listen to each other, and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

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2 thoughts on “The Biggest Meaning is Found in Each Little Step of a Journey

  1. I so agree! Love post! Awesome job ! Love our youth taking part in restoring and bring life to something old.

  2. So true, Dave. People tend to focus on the destination and not enjoying the ride.
    *Between you three guys, no one is having to stoop to work, haha!*

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