How to Live a Plant-Based Life Among Meat-Eating Loved Ones

Deciding to take the route of a plant-based diet can often mean completely revising your plate, and possibly going against the grain of family tradition. Simply deciding to alter your personal diet sometimes can make others feel alienated — as they believe you are no longer relating to them. –Or that you can no longer “break bread” together.

Family support is something that we all aim to have in any endeavor that we take, however the reality of the matter is that there is always going to be something that you come across in your life that your family either disagrees with, or fails to adapt to.

Many of us who attempt to take on life as a continuous space for open-minded learning come across ideas that cause us to question something about our upbringing. Fortunately, this serves as a catalyst for our development. But, we must remember that overcoming fear and doubt stemming from the reactions of loved ones is what needs to be mastered in order to effectively take on the world. Family and those who are close are not afraid to ask the serious questions, and are not afraid to give you the strongest counterarguments.

As it relates to plant-based eating, we must not see this as being equivalent to a lack of support. What we have found is that it can be just the opposite; it is a display of support.

If you are feeling a lack of support from those close to you, then first learn to take on criticism without negative reaction. Changing the way that you eat is a step towards changing the way that you live. A move toward a healthy diet sparks a shift in your thinking and opens up the door to your spirit.

Do not shun your family away with a thing that is completely new to them, but embrace them, and you will find that your family will gradually become your rock and foundation for your journey. It is almost a surety that the least likely person from your family will begin to start their own health journey due to your level of balance in taking on a challenge.

Eating food is a communal activity — a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to give that up. Share your newfound meals with your loved ones and focus on the things you all still love together.

All the best,

Dave & Stacy

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