Eat Good Smoothies


Green Glory

A blend of three different organic leafy greens, organic mango, organic pineapple, organic banana, organic spirulina, organic ginger, organic cayenne, organic coconut water, organic oranges and organic grapefruit.  A power packed go-to, great for anytime of the day to get your nutrients in.

Berry Bliss

An antioxidant blend featuring a large helping of organic blueberries with organic acai, organic chia seed, organic pineapple, organic banana, organic coconut water, and organic orange juice.  


A delightful combination of organic carrots, organic mango, organic orange juice, and organic coconut water. 


The perfect blend of sweet and tart with organic strawberries, organic acai, organic mango, organic orange juice, organic ginger and organic coconut water. 

Choco-Cherry Chi: 

A creamy mixture of organic bananas, organic cherries, organic almonds, organic almond milk, and organic raw cocao.


The smoothies are sold in 16-ounce bottles for $7 each.  To get more information, or to place an order, click here to contact us